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ACI Canada Customs

Advance commercial information or prenotification to Canada Customs... Air, Ocean, Intermodal, Highway.
Since 1996 "W.E." has successfully provided many companies with a dependable service provider for Canada
Customs Messaging services like RNS, Cadex, ACI & now US Customs...AMS/ACE/ASE/10+2/ISF

No matter what mode you are... you will need to send this prenotification to Canada Customs.
There are some exemptions
The MOU is very easy to file out...Memorandum of Understanding...
W.E. will assist you & make sure it is submitted to Canada Customs.

ACI options

Online...easy to use...your users can be in any part of the world
Integration directly from your system...very seamless
W.E. brings to the table added no extra charge...check it out

So Why should you chose "W.E." to provide secure cost effective data service for you?

"W.E." offers you expertise in Canada Customs messaging since 1993
"W.E." gives you straight talk that relates to your situation...your budget
"W.E." will review the whole picture including US Customs transaction if you would like
"W.E." offers choices depending on your volume
"W.E." assists with MOU to Canada Customs
"W.E." wants you to have the choice of value add...when needed

Contact us and you will know why

Remember all this messaging is becoming an intricate part of your operations and adding to your budget...
So be sure you make an informative decision

For information about AMS/AES/ACE/ISF/10+2 and ACE please click here

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212