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W.E. offer you complete management solutions for mainly truck moves with air and ocean capabilities. So if
you are looking for a reliable, easy to navigate and affordable software for mainly truck moves (LTL/FTL) than
W.E. has the solution for you. Since 1996 W.E. has serviced the Freight Brokerage Industry with systems that match to your needs and budget. With our previous background in the Freight Industry W.E. can understand
your situation. Additional options for air and ocean freight available. Online Solutions available that are

You can operate from either a stand alone PC to a Local Area Network.
Your operation can be from 1 user to 25+ users and from 1 location to multiple locations. You can bill in either
US and or CDN currencies. Customizations available.

Some Key Features in Dispatch Systems

- Easy to learn and user friendly
- W.E. overseas your implementation till completion
- Complete database of     
  clients/carriers/equipment/licenses/Custom Brokers
- FAST, NON FAST, CSA Carriers
- FTL/LTL/Consolidation/Multiple Pickups-Drops
- Visual Dispatch Tracker/Color coded/Delivered-Not          
- Complete History of Carriers including lanes, pricing,
  tonnage given them
- Statistics screen/clients/salesman/weekly/monthly...Profit
- Systems with or without accounting

- Extensive set of reports of all kinds
- View or print "on time" percentage of pick up
  & deliveries
- Staff activity
- Contact manager included
- Internal & external notes
- Reminders where applicable
- Track & Trace module or service available
- Document Imaging module also available
- Interface to accounting/PC Miler
- Electronic Commerce available internet or Van
- Support included many updates during the year

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212