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Looking for your options for a full blown shipping system. Well W.E. has the choice of buying, rental or an on line system to meet all your needs. One would conform to your situation and your budget. W.E. has been servicing the industry successfully since 1996. W.E. offers you a fully automated shipping systems that can also interface to a warehouse system or to your host system. SAP interface available. You can operate from a stand alone 1 user to multiple users at various sites. Very user Friendly, Multilingual and Multicurrency.

- Domestic/Local, Inter provincial, Interstate, Transborder, Air, Ocean...
- LTL, FTL, LCL, FCL... small package
- Shipment processing includes Rating, Labeling and Manifesting process
- Inquiry by Purchase Order, Document, Shipment, Packaging ID or BOL#
- Rate look up, transit times and rate estimate
- Ability to create shipping groups
- Pack and Hold advantages
- Creates end of day shipping manifests/summaries
- Real-Time Consolidation
- Rate shop all carriers and services
- Reports and inquires of all kinds
- EDI/Electronic messaging when required
- All documents can be emailed directly from your system

On Line shipping option
Includes generation of required documentation
Every possible feature needed to do your shipping
Local to international
Easily interfaced to other systems
Multi user available

You can help your carrier...truck or air/rail/intermodal or ocean create the info for AMS/ACI/ACE/ISF/10+2/ATD

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212