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W.E. take the mystery out of Electronic Commerce (B2B) & (CBSA & CBP). Including all EDI transaction sets & versions (ASN/856, status/214, BOL/204, inovice/210 etc.). W.E. keep it simple by giving
you first, a basic understanding, so you can make effective choice. W.E. offer you the widest selection in the industry to fit your needs & budget.

Electronic & or EDI Software

- Translation Software to integrate to your system
- EDI translator to send messages via Internet
- Easy online EDI services
- Services for CBSA include:
- Services for CBP include:
- User friendly
- Online Demo Availably

Electronic & or EDI Services

- W.E. offers you the largest selection in the industry
- From Business to CBSA & CBP
- Van or Internet services
- Translation services
- On line entry facility
- Fax to EDI/EDI to fax
- Web based internet solutions
- B13 filing with Statistics Canada/export   
- Data between Carriers and Custom Brokers
- Exchange of documents between shippers &
- Mapping service

Special Services offered by W.E.- click here for more services.
W.E. promise that our services will ensure that your costs and implementation time are minimized, whilst providing reliable, easy to use functionality, consistent performance and full support structures.

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212