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Looking for an international freight forwarding systems that will not only do air and ocean but over the road moves also. Serving the industry since 1996 with a background in Int'l Freight. W.E. has a solution to meet
your budget and not only your present but also your future needs. Solutions can operate for 1 user to 25+ and
from 1 site to multiple sites. All documents generated can be emailed directly from the system. Billing can be prepaid or collect with extra charges and fully multi currency. Quick navigation. Customization available. Advance commercial information can be generated directly from your system to Canada & or US customs
when required.

Some Key Features

- Easy to use & very clear screens/Quick & Efficient
- Extensive master files with complete details
- Air/Ocean/Road/Consolidation/Deconsolidation
- FCL/LCL/Intermodal...
- W.E. overseas all implementation to completion
- Tracking and Tracing through many options
- Multi Currency - will integrate to your accounting system
- Fax and Email totally integrated
- Rating of all kinds of measurements with breaking points
  and expiry dates

- Show buy rates and selling rates
- Container tracking
- Reports of all kinds from shipper          
  activities/salesmen/to profit & loss per
  shipment or consolidation...
- Includes color coded dispatch screen
- Rates and quoting module
- Contact manager included
- Full security
- Electronic messaging available
- Internet tracking optional
- Option w/or w/o accounting
- Online systems available
ACI/RNS/E Manifest/ATD & AMS/AES/ISF/10+2 available for Customs & all Air & Truck messaging services.

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212