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Looking for a very reliable customs clearance systems for either a Customs Broker or an Importer or CSA importer. Systems for Customs Brokers includes billing, notifying clients of GST/HST and all types of reports to assist you & your clients. Generates Advice notes and has the option of communication service lines to Revenue Canada. Either system will operate from 1 user up and from 1 location to multiple sites. We offer online Cdn importers software for doing your own customs clearance and the system includes messaging to Canada Customs. Customization is available. Servicing the industry successfully since 1996.

Some Key Features

- Screens easy to use/multiple screens can be open
- Tools are in place to move your present data to a new system
- Valuable on-site training done in segments especially for
  Custom Brokers
- Easy to use tracking system
- Includes B2 refunds and amend package
- LVS Consolidated Entries
- Bonded inventory system
- Preparation of Import Permit

- Service Bureau for communication Revenue 
  Canada optional
- Electronic Release fully intergrated
- Hands off EDI processing of commercial Invoice
- Full Brokerage Accounting including K84 
  processing subsystem
- Extensive reporting capabilities
- Various levels of security
- Includes CSA certified
- Electronic messaging available
Online features for the Canadian Importer
Easy online set up... very user friendly windows.
Submission of import documents.
Will integrate with other systems including SAP RMD AQ, Across, B3
Hs code & trade data queries with CBSA.

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212