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Looking for a WMS that is user friendly, easy to implement and fits into your budget. Well you have come to
the right place. Serving the industry since 1996 with background in Warehousing. W.E. offers you 3 specific
types of warehouse management systems-3rd Party-Sufferance-Regular. All solutions can operate from 1 PC
to a wide area network. Designed to work for 1 user to many users and from 1 site to multiple sites. A solution
that covers every function of your warehouse including rating & biling for 3rd party. Optional RF, EDI
messaging, RNS (Customs Release) and Internet Tracking. These solutions can integrate to other systems to
receive purchase orders or to accounting systems. 3rd party systems will rate and do billing (consolidated
billing also). Customization available.

Some Key Features

- Easy Implementation with very clear, user friendly screens
- W.E. overseas implementation to completion
- Inventory tracking by customer/lot code/serial numbers/date
- Offsite tracking of inventory
- Shortages/overages/Exceptions
- Assigning Min./Max. levels and reorder points on products
- Notify user of back orders
- Print Labels/Pick lists...
- Releasing First in First Out or other variations
- Complete rating structure per client/per commodity...
- Automatic rating and consolidation Billing
- Reports-Status/Activities/Analysis of Sales...

- Cargo Control numbers & releases for
  Sufferance Warehouses
- Pallet Tracking, serial # tracking...
- Warehouse Allocation including Dock
- Extra charges
- Shipping/Carriers
- Revenue reports
- Extensive reports included
- All Documents or reports can be emailed or
  faxed from your system
- EDI or E Comm available when required
- Regular upgrades included in support
Special Features for Sufferance Warehouse

Electronic release from Customs
Release from Carrier and Custom Broker
Arrival notification to Customs for All Types of warehouses including S.O.
Choices of Electronic Services Available

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212