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What has a software solution for you. You have come to the right place if you are looking for easy to operate Dispatch Software. All in keeping with your environment and budget. Systems that can operate 10 or 100 or
400 or more trucks and from 1 site to multiple site in any part of the country. Whether you do Transborder, local, interprovince/interstate, LTL/FTL, Flat Bed, Express, Intermodal, Containers(20/40) or Private Fleet. Also seamless transmission of ACE/ACI/RNS(U.S. Customs) & ACI (Canada Customs) Customization available. Satisfying trucking companies since 1996 with an extensive background in the freight industry.

Some Key Features:

- Screens that are user friendly with quick navigation.
- Very clear screens & easy to implement
- W.E. manages your implementation to completion
- Data flow from dispatch/order to driver assignment to billing
- Easy tracking orders/pro bills/BOL/Manifest/equipment
- LTL/FTL/Consolidation/Crossdocking/Interline...
- Container 20s or 40s/ Intermodal
- Contracting to outside carriers/loadbrokerage
- Driver Settlements/Fuel Tax
- Easy revenue tracking/lane analysis/cost analysis at your
  finger tips
- Client Comments; "Very impressed by the level of customer
  service you provide"


- Extensive Reporting capabilities/Sales                 
  Commission/Sales Analysis
- Rating and quoting module
- Contact manager included
- Document Imaging module available
- Internet client Tracking module or monthly      
  tracking service
- Multilevel Security
- Electronic Commerce/EDI-Internet
- Both US & Canada Customs messaging
- Dependable support
- Annual support included regular updates       
  during the year
- Available - Online systems

Are you a FAST or non FAST and a CSA approved carrier?  
Contact us for transmission services to US and or Canada Customs messaging.

Special Features:
- Electronic services for FAST & NON FAST Carriers... ACE
- Canadian Customs, ACI, CSA & RNS messaging services
- Software to connect directly to Canada Customs for transmission & receipt of all massages
- Assistance with all Docs to Customs

Contact us for an online Demo. Quick & easy for you to evaluate.

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212