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AMS is the electronic pre alert/notification to US Customs prior to arrival at the US Border Fast Carriers. A minimum of 30 Min. prior to arrival at US crossing...Non Fast...1Hour minimum prior to arriving at US border crossing.

All carriers entering the US must submit...ACE...the automated manifest...or pre notification Directly to US customs. Transmitting electronically your data in advance to US customs, you can be a Carrier, Driver, Shipper, Freight Forwarder or NVOCC...An application is needed for all. Free online Portal to US customs available.

This portal is usually used for very small volumes...most companies use a service provider like the service W.E. offers. Partnered with a very experienced company who can offer you a lot for options and is very user friendly & easy to use. "W.E." can accommodate you based on your own situation & budget with an excellent service to both US & Can Customs other worldwide messaging available. W.E. has been providing customs messaging since 1996.


What are your choice?
You can transmit directly out of your existing system.
You can go online to a very user friendly/secure screen & put in your data & transmit.  
If you would like your Driver from the road can help with information.
Or the ACE Service does everything for you & the driver only has to Fax once to an 800# and everything is done and the driver is notified. Also should you wish...your shipper can also start the data.

What data comes back from US customs?
Customs will time stamp your data & send it back to you
You will be notified if the data is excepted or rejected & why
US Customs will send the info to the designated Customs broker
You also receive the data & time of the release.

What are your choices?
W.E. offers you various choices to comply with US Customs matter if you are a Fast or Non Fast
Carrier for Highway ...or Ocean or Air or matter where you are located.
How does "W.E." do this...through our reliable Partner of Electronic messaging connected to US Customs...from anywhere in the world.

What offers you value add like;
Should you wish the info to be sent to you...the release time & date can be resent to your client or the receiver or any one you feel would benefit from this information and ALSO add value to your service at no extra charge...or let's think of other ways you can add value to your services while being compliant with customs regulations.

Info on Canada customs available also...check out ACI. Talk to you soon.

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