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Given our vast experience in the Logistics Industry, plus our Extensive network of IT Providers, you can
count on W.E. providing you with the technology or system that best fits your business needs.  W.E. will
work with you from the early discussion stage to full implementation, always ensuring TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.  W.E. believes that our #1 Priority is you, our customer, and that our job ends only when
you are satisfied with the work done.

What will W.E. do for you?
W.E. bring forward a suitable "match" for you. W.E. begin by reviewing with you-your "wish list".  Based on our discussions W.E. give you straight talk regarding what products or services are available, what W.E. feel will be the most suitable match for you and why.  W.E. than proceed with a no obligation online DEMO.  W.E. take the role of "the devil's advocate" to ensure that everything is covered on your requirements.  W.E. oversee all implementations including schedules/additions/modifications etc.

How will W.E. do it?
We will draw upon our extensive industry knowledge and in-depth research of service and software providers, which has been ongoing since 1995.  W.E. have been expanding our hand picked Network of Solution Provides, based on track records;  Our own personal experiences;  Word-of-mouth;  Commitments to providing regular upgrades;  Innovativeness;  Pricing;  Support structures;  Functionality;  Easy of implementation;  Deliver what is promised;  Time lines.  Bottom Line...Your Satisfaction.

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212