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T o consistently service the Logistics Industry with the most complete Network of dependable/affordable solutions for all your Software & Electronic Commerce needs - covering every aspect from Freight to Canada Customs. 'The widest selection available in the industry."

The W.E. philosophy entails continuous analysis of the up-to-date industry requirements in the software and electronic commerce fields. Where off-the-shelf solutions are not available, we ensure that solutions specific to our industry's needs are developed. Above all else, Job#1 for W.E. is to ensure that any solution that W.E. provide to you is the best fit to your business and cost needs not only today but ongoing into the future.

W.E. are "matchmakers" for Information Technology - solution tools for all situations including Dispatch/Tracking/Biling/Documents/Export/Import/Warehousing/Customs/EDI/Ecommerce/Internet Customs/Air/Ocean/Consolidation/Distribution/3rd Party Warehousing.

W.E. draw upon more than 30 years of experience in the fields of Trucking, Transborder, Freight Forwarding, Air, Ocean, 3rd Party Warehousing, Distribution, Customs Consulting and Electronic Commerce, for many years.

W.E. "match" your requirements with the systems or services that best suites your situation and budget.

phone: 905 624 9341  fax: 905 624 6212